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Sumeru Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd.


November 1, 2023



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Client Overview

Arkent, an innovative technology company, partnered with a leading global retailer, MegaMart, to enhance their customer experience through a state-of-the-art digital solution. MegaMart operates a vast network of retail stores and e-commerce platforms, making them a significant player in the retail industry.

Client Challenge

MegaMart faced a critical challenge in their quest to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. Their existing digital platform, while functional, was outdated and didn't provide the seamless omnichannel experience their customers demanded. They needed a solution to revamp their digital presence, improve customer engagement, and offer a personalized shopping experience that spanned both physical stores and online channels.


Arkent's team of experts collaborated closely with MegaMart to devise a comprehensive solution:


Omnichannel Integration

Implemented a robust omnichannel strategy that seamlessly connected MegaMart's physical stores with their online presence. Customers could now browse, shop, and access promotions both in-store and online.


Inventory Management

Implemented an advanced inventory management system that ensured real-time stock updates, reducing instances of out-of-stock items.


Personalized Shopping

Introduced data-driven personalization that offered tailored product recommendations, discounts, and content based on individual customer preferences and purchase history.


Data Analytics

A robust analytics system was integrated to monitor customer behavior, enabling MegaMart to make data-driven decisions and adjust their strategy.


Enhanced Customer Engagement:

The omnichannel approach resulted in a 30% increase in customer engagement, with more customers engaging both in-store and online.

Increased Sales:

Personalized shopping experiences and tailored recommendations contributed to a 25% growth in sales within the first quarter.

Mobile App Success:

The mobile app gained popularity, with 40% of customers using it for their shopping, which led to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Streamlined Operations:

The inventory management system improved operational efficiency, ensuring that products were consistently available for customers.

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